Monday, January 4, 2010


Hello Bros and Broettes,

Shaun here to welcome you all into the new year with a Guest Post.....

So up until recently I decided to use the public restroom, I was pretty much having a good day. I had aced a test that I had not studied for, and I had completed my essay that wasn't due for another week. So around 4 pm, I couldn't hold my piss anymore. I go to the nearest restroom and proceed to a urinal. Right as I whip my huge hunk a' junk out, I see a pile of shit. SHIT. In the fucking urinal. my dick was literally less than 3 inches from touching a pile of FUCKING DOO DOO. Needless to say, this kind of ruined my day. In the immortal words of Justin Bowling, I was "infurious." From now on, I carefully scrutinize every inch of a urinal before whipping out my package to urinate. A lesson well learned.


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  1. yeah, some people are assholes, and then our dicks and pussies all end up covered in shit.