Monday, May 31, 2010

............................. May 31, 2010

It's been months since a post has been posted.  Don't know what to say for ourselfs.  Oops, I guess.

Sam and I have been working with frequent guest Daniel and Jew friend David on a book.  An actual book on paper with words.  Its going slowly but surely, once we've gotten more organized with it I'd like to get some teaser stuff up here for the few of you that care.  Jimmy is in London and is from what I hear having a wonderful time.  Life besides that is painfully normal.  Just powered through Sex and the City at work, major disappointment if I may add.  Its also dawning upon me that I'm moving in like two months.  Its scary yet exciting.  One major goal I have for when I'm in Austin (somewhat on my trip and definatly when I move) is to get better about writing regularly.  I figure I'll have less distractions and more motivation.  Hopefully this thing will be less negected as well.  My main focus will have to go to writing that may give me monitary gain. I have several ideas for stories that've been bouncing around my head forever.  Another project I've got lined up is a music video ( last time I did that I think I didnt have a drivers licence).  Hopefully all of these things get done, if not at least one.  Sorry to have disappointed those of you I've disappointed. Maybe I'll get something entertaining or hilarious up soon if ever.