Friday, January 8, 2010

Remington Coxworthy and the Three Sisters of Moonlight

WARNING: This post is much filthier than our normal filthiness

Gather 'round children of the night, both young and old. For this evening I shall share with you a famous Sexpedtion of a BroPatrol worldwide legend. Its time to dive deep into a chapter of the life of one of Earth's favorite sons.

Remington Coxworthy and the Three Sisters of Moonlight

Our hero awakes to the sound of silence, opens his eyes and peers around to see nothing but the deep, dark forest. Our hero notices he has been stripped naked, but is unbothered by this. With no leads to go by he begins to run through the trees, golden hair flowing in the wind like the flag of a proud nation, breathing powerfully like as if a proud lion, sweat forming a layer that reflects the spot lights of sun that penetrates the lush forest ceiling, and his manhood flipping and flopping without control with each impact his strong feet makes with the moist soil. Remington was a proud Stallion galloping through the woods he felt as if he owned.

After an absurd amount of time running, Remington reaches a clearing. In this clearing there was a small lake that fed into a small creek, and a small cottage at the opposite end than the one our hero stood at.  Remington had become pretty fucking hungry, understandably since he ran about 15 hours that day.  Remington approached the home, which looked untended for, but smoke poured out of the chimney. Our hero took a deep breath and knocked on the front door, and he knocked with purpose. A brief moment passed by before the door opened, all of Earth stood still when from within the shadows of the dwelling stepped a young woman, a beautiful woman.  She was tall and curvy (Remington's type of girl). She had dark brown hair, and eyes of the bluest skies, she wore an old dress that was not buttoned all of the way. The dress was obviously too small, but when you live in a cottage in the middle of the forest, clothes become hard to come by.

Remington looks her up and down and smiles.
"May this traveler enter?" says Remington, beaming with confidence.
The young woman looks Remington up, then down. She cannot help but stare as his exposed masculinity, but blame her not, for it is an impressive sight. Remington makes no move to cover himself, nor interrupt the woman from soaking in the sight of Remington's massive champion. After a moment, she composes herself and motions for him to enter the house, words would have been impossible for to muster.  She leads him hand in hand to the kitchen.

"Set four places tonight, sister", the woman manages to squeeze out. A slightly older, but equally beautiful woman looks up, and drops her stirring spoon and jaw.  This woman is a little shorter, but also a little curvier, and had a dark red, ember colored hair.

"Finish dinner, I'm going to clean our guest up." The woman, reaches for our hero's hand, grazing his cock along the way, and guides him out back to a small metal tub. "Go head in, mister, I'll fetch some water to wash you up with." She returns shortly with a bucket of water and a cloth. She pours the cool water over our  hero's body, then she dips the cloth in, to get it wet.  She begins to wipe him off.  His body, once drenched with sweat, was slowly being cleared away, by the beautiful woman. She begin with his broad shoulders and chest, she worked around his thick arms, and down his strong legs. She gently scrubbed circles down his stomach, and inched closer and closer down towards his ever thickening penis.

She saw that his erection was growing bigger and beefier, her breath began to grow as well, Remington knew what was coming, but the woman had to make the final move. She released the cloth, and without haste gained a firm grasp on Remington's powerful shaft. The difficult part was over, but the hard part was just beginning. She begins to stroke Remington's worthy cock, quickening in pace, and holding tighter with each stroke.  He turns his head around and kisses the woman on the neck, sucking on her as if he was a vampire preying on beautiful women.

The woman lets go of her current job, Remington turns around to witness the woman's dress falling to the ground. Remington steps out of his tub and pulls the woman close. Needless to say, Remington gives her the fucking of a lifetime.  The two head back towards the house, with a sense of satisfaction known only by those lucky enough to share a love making of that caliber. By the time of their arrival, dinner was ready. The table was fairly awkward, given the jealously between the two sisters, the younger one was pretty pissed off, because she really wanted to get fucked by Remington, not only did she see him first, but she saw his magnificent package first as well.

Remington's nudity did not help with the awkwardness either, all sisters, including a third middle sister, who again was equally beautiful to the other two sisters, but with blonde hair. Well all three sisters could not keep their eyes off of our hero's legendary dong, except for the youngest sister to glare at the oldest one. That night while everyone was asleep, the young sister wakes up our hero.  She was kneeling beside our hero, butt ass naked, already stroking his pleasure rod. He looks up to her and smiles, she smiles back and brings her willing mouth down towards Remington Jr. she places what she can of his lumber in her mouth, her tongue acts as if a spoon in a pot, mixing around the soup which is his sizable cock. Once again, needless to say, our hero gives another young lady the fucking of a life time.

The next morning, during breakfast Remington offers to stick around for a few days and help the girls fix up their abode as a thanks for their hospitality, the girls obviously take him up on this offer.  A couple of days turns into a couple of weeks, Remington is quite busy, fixing holes, filling holes, plowing fields, plowing pussy. Our hero's work is never done. One night Remington wakes up to a strange noise, and much to his surprise, there wasn't a beautiful woman preforming oral sex on him! Immediately concerned he rushed into the other room, where he witnessed the middle sister transform into a fucking werewolf! She then gobbled up the other two sisters right then and there! "Fuck!" exclaimed Remington. "Looks like this pussy well's gone dry..." Remington pulls a cigarette out of a vase and lights it with a lighter from the same vase. Remington took a good strong puff, then exhales. Remington knew what the hell he had to do. The werewolf leaped at our hero, but Remington is to swift for that shit, he ducks, turns around and grabs the beast's hind legs and fucks the werewolf.......

.... he fucks it doggy-style


p.s. I'd really love feed back on how you guys felt about this new character! Also, I personally am excited to see what Jimmy does with the series(assuming he is), being that this character was created by the two of us.
also, sorry the ending felt rushed, I might come back and adjust it just a tiny bit.


  1. I LOVE THIS (and helped with the last name) I especially liked "Remingtion is quite busy, fixing holes, filling holes, plowing fields, plowing pussy." Very nice (this is cody)

  2. LMAO LMAO LMAO. This was awesome. And I agree with Cody.


    this is daniel.