Friday, January 8, 2010

FREE WRITE 1/08/10

Hello world, how's the first week of this new year been?


The first subject I want to tackle is one that I am sure will hit close to home for most of you. Facebook Fan pages(One of which was just created for this very site!). In the beginning all was well. Having fan pages for movies, bands, books, and other various shit that has earned a fan base is all good in my book. I completely support that, I am fans of a few TV shows or something, I think. But reccently I've noticed my friends becoming fans of much more mundane things. Things like, Finding Coins in the Coin Return at the Coke Machine, Avoiding Stepping on Cracks so I don't Break my Mother's Back, The Smell of Candles that Smell like Foods from Forgien Peoples Houses, Music from like Two Years before I was Born, Days Where it Doesn't Rain, Days Where is Does Rain, Making an A on a Test I didn't Study for, Green Lights, Movies with Seth Rogen, Family Guy Reruns, When You get Fresh Frys from Burger King, Friendship, Cell phones, Going into a Public Restroom with Hilarious Grafiti, The Ants that aren't Fire Ants, When none of the Pringles Chips are Broken, Sneezing and someone saying "Bless You". It seems like every little tiny positive detail in someones life has the makings of being worth an entire page of dedication.  Call me old fashion, but this just seems ridiculous to me.  There doesn't need to be recgonition for "Warm Blankets".
When Blankets were invented I promise you the man/woman (s) ' intention was to make them warm. Its expected. Its like saying, DUDE! did you see that fuckin' Plane? its FLYING!!! Not that man has created a flying device, which is impressive. Its just not worth flipping shit over any more. Planes were ment to fly, just as blankets ment to be warm. I guess What I'm Trying to get around to is that I don't think such mediocrity diserves Fan Pages.  Nothing I'm upset about. Just thought I'd throw out my two cents. Plus this Blog seriously needs some words up here.....

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  1. I super hate the "I hate..." pages

    how can one be a fan of hating something? Do they actually enjoy the emotion, hate, that they feel toward this thing that they aren't a fan of?
    I've also seen fan pages for stuff that isn't good... like... lemme check facebook real quick... "If this is another zubat I'm going to throw my gameboy across the room." So what about that situation is so great, so likeable, that one would become a fan of it?