Friday, January 15, 2010

Drugs are wonderful

So Monday I got my wisdom teeth taken out and now I am on drugs and my cheeks are swollen and my mouth feels like I just gave Ron Jeremy a blow job. Anyways I woke up early Tuesday and it was so painful so I went and checked out the pills the doc gave me. I had 4 different pill options:

1.Moderate pain killer
3.Extreme pain killer (only have 5 of these)
4.Muscle relaxant (for the jaw)

I have to take 1 and 2 every four hours. I have to take half of 4 in the evening time and a whole one before I go to bed. And then that leaves us with 3 and sweet Jesus is 3 good.

So thats kinda why I have been lying low for a little bit. I'm throwing my Remington Coxworthy story into the ring soon. I figure shit since jimmy and shaun did one guess I have to now...

anyway later fellow brosss.


p.s. sorry for grammar errors

It's okay, it's why I'm here. You guys never notice your posts change a little?


I thought that there was a grammar* (-Jim) fairy that came in and fixed our shit.


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