Saturday, January 9, 2010


Quite frankly I have nothing to write about. Just read Jimmy's Remington Coxworthy story. Loved it. Expect to see a lot of him in the future, so I hope you enjoy his Sexploits.
I heard that my list of fake fanpages was well recieved
so I'll add more to it.

Watching a movie you own on DVD, on TV
The prize at the bottom of my Apple Jacks
Making a wish at 11:11
Free samples of food I was going to buy anyways.
Seeing people I hate ending their relationships
Hating Assholes
When the vending machine gives you double
Not losing the Claw game
Playing games you played as a child, now
Humming Lyrics you don't know
Being hungry an hour after you eat Chinese food
People being not rude.
Hating rude people.
Top 40 radion stations suck.
Non-lace shoes
Warm Showers
Hating people born after 1994
Hating people born before 1986
Peeing in someone else's bathroom
Pooping in my own bathroom
Others admiting their mistakes
The Shade
Going swimmng
Ice cream on really cold days
Creepin on facebook

Eh, that mildly got my writing gears going actually.  If it wasn't late I'd totally being on a new Remington Coxworthy story.

expect a real post shortly


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