Friday, November 20, 2009

This is the typical progression of a conversation between myself(Shaun) and Jimmy

1:03amJimmy: fuck me

1:03amJimmy: i have over 9000 sections left to study

1:03amJimmy: thanks facebook and 4chan

1:07amShaun: shit bro

1:07amJimmy: yeah

1:07amShaun: fuckin tuck in those sections bro

1:07amJimmy: im tyrin

1:07amShaun: blast em in the ass bro

1:07amShaun: stroke them into oblivion

1:08amJimmy:blast them with piss

1:08amShaun: spray em wit yo spermination

1:08amShaun: across the nation

1:08amJimmy: uo;b

1:08amShaun: without temptation

1:08amJimmy: yea

1:09amShaun: thats what i call...insemination



1:12amJimmy: fart on face like cunt punt that is fruit flabored

1:13amShaun:lay to waste, your paste, for her to taste , across her waist

1:15amJimmy:baste her taste until my waist cant lay waste to her space

1:15amShaun: ditch this bitch to enrich your sitch

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