Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Teen Pregnancy

Today I got a chance to sit down with some male friends and embrace "guy time". What do we do? Flip on The Tyra Banks show of course! Usually, from what little of the show I've seen in the past, the show deals more with cosmetic issues. I'd heard she'd done more hard hitting shit, but this was the first I've seen of it. Today's topic on the show was Teen Pregnancy. NOW! I've been a teenage... hell, I AM a teenager for a few more months. Now, I know mistakes happen, I get that. I'm not going to judge you (a lot) for that. SHOULD they have armoured up. FUCK yes. There is no getting around that point. But there was that ONE time that Billy leaves his wallet in the car and you're drunk and you want the dick now and your best friend already got laid tonight and you parents want you home by midnight and its already 11:36 and you're really really horny. Life happens, I won't deny that. But you've got to live with the life you've brought yourself too. Now after all of that.... This post isn't about these bitches.

On the show, it featured these other bitches. EVEN DUMBER bitches. Not irresponsible or negligent bitches, but just straight up stupid ass mother fuckers. Get this... First girl, actually thought that if she got pregnant by her ex-boyfriend, that he'd just all of the sudden want to get back with her. This is stupidity in its purest form. The next girl up should at least be nominated for some sort of looking like an ass award. Remember two seconds ago, when I claimed that the previous girl was the purest form of stupidity? Well push that bitch aside, because she's got competition. This next bitch, who is FOURTEEN, just plain wants to get prego. Why? I asked the same question. "Where's the fuckin' benefit in that, bitch?" I promise I said something, probably not a direct quote, but I'll paraphrase my own ass. All she had to say was that she's around babies all the time and knows how to do diapers and shit. That's good I guess, If your baby comes included with food and water and diapers and clothes and toys and whatever else you'd need to raise a baby human being. Tyra was getting pissed! She rode this little girl's ass like crazy. I was getting nervous for the little girl, until I remembered how fucking much she needed some sense scared into her. Tyra was all like, "BITCH! Do you even know how much that shit costs a year!" I got excited! I knew this little middle schooler was about to get the ASS stamp. And she did! Next, they bring the mom out, hilarity obviously ensues. I had to leave during the next commercial, so I didn't get to see the bitch who got pregnant to be more like fucking Brittany Spear's dumbass little pregant sister. I probably would've shit bricks in anger.

I'm just saying...

Fads are fucking stupid.
Teen pregnancy sucks dick for everyone involved.
Teens getting pregnant because it's "cool" is the fucking purest form of stupid I think I've ever heard of. Ladies, please punch any girl in the goddamn throat who mentions doing this.


PS. Sorry All of my posts have been angry, everything that inspires me to write is stuff that's pissed me off reccently. I'll really try and get something light hearted up soon : D

-You have to give Tyra some credit for bringing on a woman that had two functioning vaginas on earlier.

-"She rode this little girl's ass like crazy." Enough said.

-"Brittany Spear's dumbass little pregant sister" is Jamie Lynn Spears.


totally forgot about jamie lynn.


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