Friday, November 6, 2009

Lady Angry about Radio

People need to chill the hell out. Jimmy just sent me a link which first of all made me laugh, but secondly reminded me of one of the many, many, many things I hate about humanity. The link should be in here.... somewhere.

To sum the video up -- some older woman is pissed off about a joke said on the radio.

Well, here's my two cents in the matter. This woman needs to shut up and leave this radio dude alone. If she doesn't approve of this humor then that's fine, but why is she making such a huge fuss about it? I wish my life was so goddamn good that I got to not only worry about, but battle these poor crude humored bastards. It's totally cool that she is pissed, I understand that. I get pissed everytime I hear Lady Gaga on the radio, but I just switch the station. Do I believe she deserves to be taken off the air? ABSOLUTELY! I digress, my opinion on what is concidered music is worth a whole post or two. My only point is this.
If you've got the time and resources to protest some radio personality, then can't you instead devote yourself to a more worthy of cause? I mean this sort of thing deserves a facebook status at best. National TV? No way...

I'm just saying....

Radio Show piss you off? Tweet about it or some shit.
Got all this extra time and money to where you can go on national tv just to bitch about something that isn't going to change? Join a cause that's actually doing something good for the world.


Then again, it's Fox News. This is how they gain viewer ship. Angry pirates and donkey punching.


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