Wednesday, November 18, 2009

FREEWRITE 11/18/09

There's been a week since a REAL post. So I felt like I should throw down something on here.

I started taking vitamins about a week ago. And I feel fucking fantastic! Vitamins are like caffeine* that is ever-lasting. With caffeine, you'll burn out. Vitamins make you feel like a new man. Everyday when you get out of bed it feels like youre crawling out of a vagina, because everyday it feels like you're being born again. The best part about vitamins is they're delicious! I have to make myself eat only one at a time. It's like eating only one Pringle. I deserve an award for my self control. My fav is the vitamin C. It's like orange juice in form of a chewable pill. In-fucking-credible. Candy doesnt taste this good. The shit that changes a motherfucker is the B-12 though. I'm convinced that it is a major ingredient in the super solider serum. This is the shit that they put in energy drinks. THIS IS THE SHIT that makes you a fucking machine (both contexts). The vitamin form has all the PA-ZOW without the crash and burn at the end. Each pill is 500 mcg and will throw your mind, body and soul into hyperdrive. You'll lift cars, leap buildings, shit bricks, build houses to leap with these bricks, out run Kenya's finest, travel through time, and learn the Jedi mind trick.

5-hour-energy label.
Shit'll give you superpowers


*-See Previous entry "Caffeine and Success"


  1. You're welcome in my introduction to you and that B-12. (: