Thursday, November 19, 2009

FREEWRITE 11/19/09

Man, what if dinosaurs were still roaming the earth! Like never died from the asteroids or God or what ever killed them to begin with. Lets just assume that the existence didn't slow down human progress too much. Just imagine George Washington riding into battle on a Stegosaurus or some shit. Gladiators would battle raptors and shit. How would this effect OUR lives though.... fuckin' there'd be dinosaurs in the wild. Like going into the forest. OH SHIT! BRONTOSAURUS! These fuckers would be everywhere. People would keep the smaller dinosaurs for pets, but theres always an asshole who's like, "gimme a fuckin' baby Trex". But in like a year its gonna be the size of a sixth grader. By this time Joe McNumbnuttz realizes maybe a vicious carnivore is a bad choice in a 2 bedroom apartment with a 3 year old child. Joe's fantastic ass solution to the Trex problem is this, leave the son of a bitch at the 3 acre wooded area. By the time Joe Junior is old enough to get to the park by his own ass Trex will be more than big enough to eat that bastard child. So you've got a Trex running around a park eating family dogs and children. I think for the most part things would be pretty normal, besides the occasional roaming Trex here or there. By now most dinosaurs would be in  captivity or away from human life. But what if you're on the highway on a stretch of road in the middle of no where? FUCKING DINOSAURS off the side of the road! What if you hit one? Fuck yo shit up.

Dinosaurs don't fuck with me


Motherfucking sea monkeys.


Totally tap that sea monkey shebitch's ass



  1. all we need to fight the dinosaurs is lots of pcp