Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hot for Teacher

Sometimes, when I see these teachers having sex with their students, I wonder "Why can't they just have sex with people their own age?" Some of them are quite attractive. Is there something the rest of us are missing? I guess kids are more trusting and easily manipulated. The kids are right there too. I guess it's a lot easier than going out of your way to a bar and actually spending money. Maybe those teachers have it right. We are in a recession anyways, so you can't really blame them. We can take a page out of their book (haha books because they're teachers!) We should be applauding such ingenuity.

I'll just leave you with my favorite teacher, Helen Goddard. A music teacher at a prestigious school for girls, Goddard developed a five-month relationship with one of her trumpet students, which encompassed a trip to Paris, a Gay Pride march, fuzzy handcuffs, and vibrators.

Helen Goddard
I'd let her play my trumpet

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