Tuesday, December 8, 2009

State of the Site 12/8

What the hell BroPatrol? Where've you been? This blog needs a motherfuckin' update!!!

I want to apologise for the lapse in our posting while I'm on the subject. The guys here at BroPatrol are planning something, so hopefully it'll make up for the two or three weeks without reading material. Also! friends and fans, I need your help in pimping the shit outta the site. Tell your friends, co-workers,  classmates, and family if they ain't prude asses. I also want to encourage everyone to leave us some comments or messages.

 We've discussed and we want to do an advice column and to allow guest posts. We've got an email we use for the site, Jimmysamshaun@yahoo.com , but frankly I don't check it, and I'm sure noone else does either.

BUT! on the bright side, I am fairly certain that everyone that reads this knows us in real life, thus you know how to reach us other ways. When the site picks up we'll use that email.  Any other suggestions you have will be welcome. I do want to start reviewing various things, movies, video games, books, music, comic books, whatever else I hear, and would think that readers would enjoy.  This being the case, the three of us probably can't and plain won't want to review that much shit, so I'd like to get people to review certain subjects they know considerably about.

Wow, this was a boring ass post. I feel bad that this is what we're coming back with. Shit.


I updated the Twilight post to make up for the lack of any humor here.


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