Sunday, December 27, 2009


Well, Howdy do gang.

Life has been incredibly average lately, besides being extra busy. This means nothing at all interesting has come to mind, since all I've thought about was stuff that I had to deal with.  School's still out, which kicks ass, holidays are rounding out.  Fuck man, I wish I had something interesting to say.  OH! some dude at my job totally pissed in a glass the other night. Full on PISSED in a glass. He didn't piss in his McDonalds cup we should have not permitted him to bring in, but into OUR FUCKING GLASS WARE. I just want to go to this douche's place and piss in all of his cups. What an ass.

Also I had a dream reccently, I was locked in a car, and it was rolling down this hill really quickly. At the bottom of the hill was the ocean, so I was like, fuck! The car starts to sink, but then I realized that it was a dream. The car disolved and I started swimming and chatting with the fish and it was fucking cool from there on out.

I guess I'll do all of you Bro's here at BroPatrol a solid and leave a list of BroNames

Bro Montana
BroJ Simpson
A-Bro-Ham Lincoln
Teddy Broosevelt
Franklin D. Broosevelt
Brosie Perez
Brosie and the Pussy Cats
Bro Chi Min
President BroBama
Brospeh Stalin

This list will be updated later



  1. unaccetable bronames stated.
    Amendment VII of the Bro Code states:
    No Bro name shall be made from a woman's name, even if recieving bro is in fact a woman.

    Acceptable Bro Names:
    Tom Brokaw
    Bro Jackson
    Broce Springsteen

    Broan of Arc
    Brobara Walters
    Broko Ono